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Amir Yakdi Consultant
Marketing & Creative Consultant

I help brands to develop new strategic products & experiences for new consumers.

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There are still ways to do it better, let me facilitate discovering it!

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A great passion that led to being trusted by
Luxury Car
Fashion Marketing
Sports events
Top 5 luxury hotels
Luxury Perfume
Entertainment Managment
Eyewear Design
Sneaker design
Luxury Hotel
Art and Luxury
My mission in life is to connect the dots between creative power and humans!
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About me!

With over a decade of international experience in some of the world's most vibrant and diverse cities and markets such as Paris, Toronto, Dubai, and Beirut, I have gained a wealth of expertise in a wide range of areas, including art direction, market research, project management, product innovation, sourcing, and coaching.

My multi-functional expertise has allowed me to take on a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of enterprises and domains, making me uniquely qualified to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

I am a visionary thinker with an infectious enthusiasm that inspires those around me to achieve greatness. My data-driven approach allows me to make informed, strategic decisions that drive growth and lead to measurable results. Above all, I am a kind and open-hearted person with a warm smile that can brighten anyone's day.

With my unique blend of skills and qualities, I am ready to make a real impact and help organizations achieve their goals.